In the peculiar and multicoloured landscape of contemporary art, Steel’s oeuvre tries to capture it’s own space. Averse from trendy and hollow boasting, but with a headstrong stubbordness and attention for the metier, he tries to turn a personal mythology into sensual and compelling images which leave their mark long after.He knows and honours the old masters. His paint application is very intuitive, his finishing touch fanatic. Everything to create the perfect illusion. His oeuvre is a never-ending search for true authenticity. His themes are contemporary and universal, sometimes alluring, sometimes humorous, but always with an underlying existentialist questioning of the essence of seduction, and the sense and nonsense of our society. The versatility of his ever changing thematic and stillistic approach betray a rich imagination, connected with a precise and merciless perception.The qualities of the Works are to be gradually discovered, after the observer is seduced by the sensuality which radiates from the canvas. What is told converges with the skills of the depicted. While being seduced we reflect upon seduction.


The totem series plays with the classic theme of portraits by working through alter ego’s. By exploring different structures, different layers AND materials the portrait transforms into something else. We are not looking at a person that exists but at a new species. Each totem has a unique vibe, instigated by
the material, the colour AND the expression. Each totem is an archetype of what we do not fully understand. They may appear tribal, fetisj, commical or terrifying. Superheroes without superpowers.
Steel tries to play with different levels of apperances as to question rolmodels, race-issues and gender prejudices.